Gr. 1- Ryckman

This year I will be teaching straight grade 4 for the first time! This is following my 2 years of a 3/4 split, 1 year of a 4/5 split, and my first year of teaching in grade 1. This is my 5th year of teaching, and all of my years have been at Herons Crossing. I completed my degree with a minor in Early Childhood because I love seeing the joy and excitement that the students bring into a classroom, and building a space for students to feel safe and welcomed. I have always enjoyed working with children through volunteering and becoming involved in many extra curricular activities, such as coaching soccer and track and field. I have always had a passion for the outdoors and physical activity and want to relay this passion for all young students. I bring a positive, outgoing, energetic attitude to my classroom and within the school community.

I moved to Airdrie with my family 13 years ago from Aldergrove, BC and graduated high school here.  My goal is to bring a new way of teaching to students, and I am open to doing things in a unique way to best suit the needs of all learners. I have many great new ideas and look forward to sharing these with the students of Herons Crossing.

I believe in taking a child-centered approach through classroom design, planning, and integration of ideas. I feel that I can learn as much from the students as they can learn from me, and continue to get excited about all the adventures we will embark on together this year.Ashley 2

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