Principal's Message

Dear Herons Crossing Community,

At Herons Crossing School, imagining and living the possibilities is our vision for learning and student excellence. I believe that deep, meaningful student engagement, development, learning, and achievement happens when parents, teachers, and community members work in partnership towards holistic child development.  Transparency, clarity, and frequency of vital information sharing between these groupings is key to best support the needs of our children.

Each and every decision made at Herons Crossing School is based on the premise that students come first.  Our role as adults among these various groupings is forge healthy, dynamic, and meaningful relationships with each and every learner, seeking to learn about the gifts, talents, and abilities of each of these young people to move their learning and growth continuously forward.

I keenly recognize the multiple responsibilities that the teachers and support staff of Herons Crossing School play in these complex tasks.   Our staff is devoted to consistently engaging in high quality learning opportunities, for students and staff alike, as a means to support your children. I take the professionalism of our staff, their expertise on the Alberta Program of Studies, their understanding of optimal instructional design, and their continually developing understanding of our students with the highest regard and priority.

Twenty-First Century learning is intense, personalized, innovative, collaborative, meaningful, connected, responsive, and responsible.  Supporting students with the growth of these competencies plays a key role at our school, partnered closely with a target, explicit and responsive literacy and numeracy program.  Building and growing literacy skills in letters, sounds, reading, spelling, vocabulary development and writing underpin our work at the K - 4 level.  Similarly, helping students to grow their numeracy skills through basic fact practices, number sense, number operations, patterns and relationships and spatial understanding provide a solid base for mathematical thinking and deep understandings.   At Herons Crossing, we must imagine, and live, the possibilities to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow.



Suzanne Martin, Principal

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