School Handbook

At Herons Crossing School, we are all 21st Century Learners.  With this belief in mind, we have chosen to utilize an online school handbook, with the target audience being parents, students, extended family, and community members.  The benefits of this communication medium include:

  • any time, any place access for all
  • a reduction in our ecological footprint by way of less paper and print usage
  • a format that best supports our diverse family structures with equal and easy access for everyone supporting learners at HCS
  • time better spent with school labour, instead spent supporting students in the classroom or in small group environments

Thank you for jumping on board with 21st Century learning, designed to engage more people more efficiently!

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About Our School Page
Allergy Protocol Page
Bell Schedule Page
Booking a Conference Page
Calendar Page
Extra-Curricular Programs Page
Homework & Home Reading Program Page
Inclement Weather Policy Page
Learning Support Page
Lunch Program Page
Our Programs Page
Reporting an Absence Page
School Fees & Supplies Page
School Phone Policy Page
Snack Time, Lunch & Recesses Page
Student Dress Code Page
Student Illness Page
Transportation Services Page
Volunteer Information Page
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