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This page contains general information about School Councils, Executive Board Members, relevant School Council Manuals, and Council Bylaws.

What is the purpose of a School Council?

School Council is a group of individuals, including parents, school administration, teachers, staff members, and community representatives committed to working together to support and enhance learning for all students in the school.

School Councils consist of active members of the school community who provide advice and consultation with the school principal, and the school board at large.

While all schools are expected to have a School Council, many schools also have a Parent Advisory Association or Fundraising Committee.  At Herons Crossing School, this group is called Friends of Herons Crossing.  This group differs from our Herons Crossing School Council in that they are able to raise funds and acquire resources to donate to the school.  Typically, however, there is usually a high degree of overlap in members, purpose, and vision.

Who is welcome at School Council/Friends of Herons Crossing Meetings?

In short, everyone!  Regardless of previous council, friends of, or fundraising experience, all parents and members of our school community with a vested interested in the school and students are welcome to attend!

Whether you are able to come to one, some, or all meetings, your voice is welcomed and encouraged.  A community is only as rich as its ability to collaborate with one another - we appreciate your interest!

2017/2018 Herons Crossing School Council Executive Board Members

Executive Board MembersName Email Address
Chairperson Heather Nikkel Council Email
Vice Chairperson Tara Antosh
Secretary Sean Bearer
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Email
Society Liaison/Treasurer Yvonne Walker
Relevant School Council Manuals & Handbooks
Alberta School Council Resource Manual
School Councils Handbook
Friends of Herons Crossing Fundraising Team Members
Chair & Treasurer - Yvonne Walker Fundraising Email
Co-Chair - Alisha Bean

Megan Condie

Melani Edgar

Sheryl Kraft

Meghan Farrar

Tara Antosh

Jocelyn Cromwell

Melanie Archibald

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