Herons Crossing Staff - 2018/2019

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Administration Team

NameRoleEmail Address
Suzanne Martin Principal RVS Email
Lynette LePan-Smith Assistant Principal RVS Email
Gisselle Otero Lead Secretary RVS Email
Paula Creamer Secretary RVS Email
Elisha Lypchuk Reception RVS Email

Teaching Staff

NameGradeEmail Address
Kendra Klassen Kindergarten RVS Email
Nicole Wannop Kindergarten RVS Email
Andrea Dorner Kinder Fine Arts RVS Email
Rebecca MacLellan Grade 1 RVS Email
Donna McCann Grade 1 RVS Email
Ryan Russell Grade 1 RVS Email
Ashley Ryckman Grade 1
RVS Email
Sarah Davis Grade 2 RVS Email
Amanda Krauchek Grade 2 RVS Email
Sarah MacGregor Grade 2 RVS Email
Jenna Smith Grade 2 RVS Email
Wannitta Hartmann Grade 2/3 RVS Email
Courtney Allen Grade 3 RVS Email
Victor Chou Grade 3 RVS Email
Hilarie Valdebenito Grade 3 RVS Email
Heather Allarie Grade 4 RVS Email
Kerry Kindermann Grade 4 RVS Email
Kim Lee Grade 4 RVS Email
Jessica Pendergast Grade 4 RVS Email
Chelsey Schubert Grade 4 RVS Email
Bryn Bass Grade 5 RVS Email
Jessica Haley Grade 5 RVS Email
Kate Pike Grade 5 RVS Email
Ashley Woronuik Grade 5 RVS Email
Brandy Brochu Grade 6 RVS Email
Alison Turner Grade 6 RVS Email
Makayla Widmer Grade 6 RVS Email
Danielle Istchenko Grade 1 - 6 Fine Arts RVS Email
Richard Rushton Grade 1 - 6 Physical Education RVS Email

Learning Support Team

NameRole Email Address
Kirsten Conrad Inclusive Learning Support Teacher RVS Email
Alida South Literacy & Learning Support Teacher RVS Email
Kendra Jewer Learning Design Coach RVS Email
Brian Jones
School Technician
Jeff Apels Learning Support Assistant
Kristina Cameron
Learning Support Assistant
Christina Deasty Learning Support Assistant
Pamela Janz Learning Support Assistant
Joanna Mitchell Learning Support Assistant
Trisha Maxwell Learning Support Assistant
Karen Rinehart Learning Support Assistant
Amanda Sashuk Learning Support Assistant
Learning Support Assistant
Karen Braun School Literacy Assistant
Charlene Luker
PUF Assistant (Kindergarten)

PUF Assistant (Kindergarten)

Facility Operations/Caretaking

NameRoleEmail Address
Hal Hickey Multi Head Building Operator RVS Email
Teddy Batino Lead Caretaker
April Trinidad Day Caretaker
Lucy Ramos Evening Caretaker
Jolene Pool Evening Caretaker
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