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"Believe in yourself and you can soar!"




Character Traits

At Herons Crossing School, we celebrate outstanding student citizenship every day.  We both model and expect our students to grow in their development of key character traits.

Our students created this list of character traits (which we keep unedited for your reading enjoyment):

1. Honesty

  • Honesty is always telling the truth and never cheating.
  • Honesty means doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • Honesty is treating everyone fairly.


2. Respect

  • Being respectful is more  than saying “please” and “ thank you”. It also means being aware of other peoples’ feelings.
  • Respectful means being polite.
  • Respect means showing appreciation for another person or a thing.


3. Generosity

  • Be giving of your time, knowledge, and friendship.


4. Responsibility

  • Doing  your best work at school.
  • Being a responsible friend.
  • Responsible means doing what you say you are going to do.
  • Responsible means having good judgment.


5. Kindness

  • No saying hurtful or rude words.
  • Being kind means letting other people play in your games and helping them with their work or when they are hurt.


6. Hardworking

  • Being hardworking means you are taking pride in your work.
  • Hardworking means always doing your best.
  • Hardworking means getting your work done on time.
  • Hardworking means to stick with a job even when it get hard.


7. Aware

  • Aware means being sensitive to other people’s feelings and caring for animals and our environment.


Student Expectations

Be respectful...

Respect yourself, others in our school community (students, teachers, support staff, and volunteers), and our learning environment.

Be present...

Attend school regularly (and punctually), and arrive ready to learn.

Engage in your learning...

Work hard at school and at home. Working at home includes engaging in your home reading program and completing tasks asked of your teacher in a timely manner.


Dealing with Conflict

It can be difficult to learn how to deal with conflict, but it is a very important skill to learn. Unless you feel unsafe or uncomfortable (in this event, always go directly to a teacher), try practicing the following the four steps:

1. Ask

"Can you please stop bothering me? I can't concentrate on my work."

2. Tell

"I need you to stop bothering me now."

3. Warn

"If you don't stop bothering me, I will have to report you."

4. Report

Tell an adult immediately.

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