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Well hello! I am pleased that you have taken the time to research our website and learn about the staff at Herons Crossing, including me! I hope you check out the “All About Me” sections for each of our talented and dedicated staff members.

I believe in the power of relationship to make magical things happen. It is only through collaboration that we are able to grow, learn, and have the courage to honestly self reflect. As such, each of our staff team members have put together a brief sharing about themselves in the hopes of forging an anytime, any place connection with the parents, students, families, and community members of Herons Crossing School.

Now, back to me! From a very early age, I was a helper and caregiver. From playing house and school with my dollies to tying my brother’s shoes and buttoning his shirts as he headed to Kindergarten (I was 3 at the time!), I was always ready to lend a hand to someone in need. Growing up in a family with numerous special needs and great diversity, my compassion for and understand of living life well in the face of challenge served as a considerable strength that gave me the courage to follow my dreams in both my personal and professional life.

I’ve worked in many an occupation throughout my life from babysitter to commercial fisher to special needs community worker, allowing me to truly reflect on what matters to me as an individual and a citizen. Being a teacher is “home” to me, allowing me to bring my core beliefs, values, passions, and talents to my profession to teach and learn with, from, and alongside others each and every day.

Always one to push boundaries and test limits, eventually my teacher shoes began to feel a little to tight, prompting a movement to teacher leadership roles and a return to university once again. The shoes of principal, I must add, feel just right!Suzanne 2

I believe that we need to bring the “public” back to public education. We need to learn from one another as we guide our wonderful babies from diapers to adulthood, and to share ideas, expertise, resources, celebration, and laughter along the way. With my own children spanning some 16 years in age, I am constantly reminded of the power between strong home, community, and school engagement to enrich and empower our children to take charge of their dreams.

Never forget my door is always open. Together, we will find a way to best support your children and their learning needs.

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