Allergy Protocol

This page includes information regarding Herons Crossing School's protocol on allergies, RVS Severe Allergies Procedure, and other resources.

Allergy Protocol

It is the responsibility of all parents/guardians to make the school aware of any allergies that your child or children have.  Please connect with the principal or secretary about the specifics of your situation so we are able to provide the best possible information sharing and care for your family.

Due to the high numbers of students with severe  and life threatening nut allergies, Herons Crossing School will be a peanut and tree nut-aware school.  This means that there are to be NO peanut and/or tree nut products brought to school at any time.  If items containing nuts are found at school, Herons Crossing staff will contact parents to make them aware that the item sent to school contains nut products.  An alternative food item will be provided to your child on that day.    While we understand that this might be problematic for some families, especially for those with dietary restrictions or for picky eaters, we will always place top priority on safety at our school.

Please respect our nut-aware protocol for the safety of all of our children.

Rocky View Schools Severe Allergies Procedure

RVS Severe Allergy Procedure


Government Issued Information about Nut Allergies

Health Canada Peanut Allergy InformationHealth Canada Tree Nut Allergy Information
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