Student Illness

If your child is ill, please remember to call the absence line at 403-948-2330.

If your child is ill, please call the school absence line @ 403-948-2330.  We ask that you have your child remain away from school if they exhibit the following symptoms:

  • A temperature over 100 degrees F, 38 degrees C
  • Sore or discharging eyes or ears
  • A respiratory infection with profuse nasal discharge
  • Exposure to or presence of any contagious diseases (measles, mumps, Strep throat, hand, foot and mouth disease, undiagnosed rashs, conjunctivitis, etc.)
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inability to participate in regular school programming


Please ensure your child is symptom free for 24 hours before sending them back to school.  Thank you for your compliance with this important health matter.

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