Student Information

"Believe in yourself and you can soar!"



Student Expectations

Be respectful...

Respect yourself, others in our school community (students, teachers, support staff, and volunteers), and our learning environment.

Be present...

Attend school regularly (and punctually), and arrive ready to learn.

Engage in your learning...

Work hard at school and at home. Working at home includes engaging in your home reading program and completing tasks asked of your teacher in a timely manner.


Dealing with Conflict

It can be difficult to learn how to deal with conflict, but it is a very important skill to learn. Unless you feel unsafe or uncomfortable (in this event, always go directly to a teacher), try practicing the following the four steps:

1. Ask

"Can you please stop bothering me? I can't concentrate on my work."

2. Tell

"I need you to stop bothering me now."

3. Warn

"If you don't stop bothering me, I will have to report you."

4. Report

Tell an adult immediately.

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