About Our School

Registering for Herons Crossing School

Our Motto


"Believe in yourself and you can soar!"

This motto was developed by the parents, students, staff, and community members to honour and promote personalized learning, strong student self concept, and to link with our school name, which was also generated through a community-orientated process.  Here's to active community involvement in our school!


Herons Crossing School Mission

Our school is dedicated to...

  • proving the best supports, programming, and learning opportunities for our learners.
  • working in close partnership with families and community partners to best serve holistic child development.
  • maintaining transparent, reciprocal, and frequent communications between the educational stakeholders for our school.
  • creating meaningful, inclusive learning environments and instructional designs to empower all learners, every day.
  • engaging teachers and support staff in regular high quality, proactive, and data driven professional learning opportunities to create a culture of continuous pedagogical improvement.
  • ensuring that we foster deep meaningful relationships centered on mutual trust and respect with each of our learners, family members, staff members, and community partners.


About Our School Logo

Our school logo was chosen by Herons Crossing Student, Parents and Staff.

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